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About Me


When I was growing up I was constantly bringing home animals...injured wildlife, stray dogs & cats... any animal in need.
I tried my best to find homes or rehabilitate the wild animals back to the world from which they came.

I've been an animal advocate supporting rescues/shelters, Anti Dog Fighting Campaign, NJSPCA and the Humane Society.

My passion lies in working with dogs and helping pets and their parents live in harmony. Keeping pets out of shelters is my goal.

My dream is to have a sanctuary for unwanted and abused animals.

Places I love to work & volunteer :


  • Penn Vet Working Dog Center

  • New Leash on Life a shelter/prison training program. Improving the lives of inmates and at risk shelter dogs.

  • Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Program


"Think occasionally of the suffering for which you spare yourself the sight" 

 Albert Schweitzer

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